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Welcome to the International Communication and Translation Centre!

The International Communication and Translation Centre provides an area to display English translations of non-English Backrooms articles.

Feel free to translate works from your own branch and contribute them to this site. Most of us aren't native speakers and it's understandable some of the translations contain SPaG problems and inaccurate interpretations, but don't worry — just step forward and post your translation as long as you've done your best!

The site is currently under construction. Hopefully when put into use, it will serve the purpose of letting readers decide which article deserves to be ported to the Backrooms Wiki and get into respective translation hubs (if there exists any).

There's also an excellent Underrepresented Language Incubator for Backrooms fans whose native language does not yet have a separate Wiki. You can post translations from/to English there to/from your language!

If you have questions regarding Backrooms-INT, you can find representatives from each Wiki in their site hub. Have a good time!

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Visit the Translation Hub!

Visit each Wiki's hub on INT! You can express your view in the forum section or even add your own translation!

Visit the ULI!

ULI has wonderful articles by authors whose native language doesn't yet have its own Wiki, and you might find translated EN works of your own language as well. Go check 'em out!


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